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Hydro-Jet Cleaning

Hydro-Jet cleaning is the newer, more effective method of drain line cleaning. It is commonly referred to as “Jetting” or “Jetter Service.

Typically, a full-sized, trailer mounted, diesel driven jetter, puts out 14-18 gallons per minute, at 3500 to 4000 p.s.i.
Like a drain cable, the hose size varies, based on the size of the pipe being cleaned. From a 3/16” hose used for cleaning 1 ½” to 2” pipes, up to a ½” hose used for cleaning pipes up to 12” in diameter, and with the proper heads, up to 24” in diameter.

Besides the jetter, the jetter heads used are of equal importance. On the smaller hoses, fixed heads are generally used, the ones that serve 1 ½” to 2” drain lines. They are also used on the larger 3” to 12” drain lines but are better served by using the articulating (spinning) heads on the 3” to 12” drain lines. This also applies to drains larger than 12” in diameter.

We use the StoneAge Warthog brand nozzles. Introduced into the drain cleaning community in 1996, these nozzles are high tech, guided flow nozzles, capable of cutting through tree roots, concrete, grease, ice, mortar, grout, paint, sludge, corrosion, and much more, without damaging the pipe being cleaned.

Pros and Cons of jetting are:
Pros are drains are much cleaner, drains suffer no wear down damage like drain cable cleaning causes, longer lengths of pipe can be cleaned, and drains can be cleaned much faster. Jetting extends the life of drain pipes. Cons are: Jetting costs more than drain cable cleaning.

When cleaning storm drains, area drains, roof drains, pool deck drains, and planter drains, we only utilize the Hydro-Jet cleaning process to clean them. Unfortunately, storm drains are constructed out of thin-wall pipe, have no building codes or standards, and are usually put together with tape and not glue. They are easily damaged by drain cleaning cables (snaking), and drain cleaning cables are often damaged or become lodged in them.

Jetting storm drain lines is easier on the drain lines, and is exceptional at cutting through roots and removing sand, gravel, dirt, and debris that could not be removed otherwise by drain cleaning cables.

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