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Founded in January 1995, by Steve Robak, and his wife Maureen, Performance Plus Plumbing-Drain Pros, was a full service, plumbing repair and drain cleaning company.

In September of 1995, they purchased their first video inspection camera and electronic locating equipment.  At this point in history, very few of these cameras were in existence, and only the largest of drain companies had them.  This led to lots of work for us video inspecting and locating problems in drain lines, for other plumbers and contractors, as well as for many businesses.

In November of 1996, they purchased their first full-sized, diesel driven Hydro-Jetter.  This equipment was also owned mostly by the largest of drain cleaning companies, and not by the smaller ones.  This led to an increase in drain jetting for other plumbers, contractors, as well as many businesses.

At this point in history, Hydro-Jetting was not known by most consumers, or for that matter, by most plumbers.  In 1997 Performance Plus Plumbing-Drain Pros, changed its name to USA JETTING Drain Pros, mainly because it comprised 75% of its overall service performed for its customers, and to help make jetting service more accessible to its customers.

In 1997 owner Steve Robak designed the first wireless remote control for the jetting equipment, making a 2-man operation into a single operator.  This meant one less technician to operate the equipment on difficult jobs, equating to reduced cost for the consumer.

During the years of 1997 to 2001, USA JETTING Drain Pros performed video inspection and Hydro-Jet cleaning services for 48 plumbing and drain cleaning contractors, as well as hundreds of residential and commercial customers.

Since that time, video inspection and jetting services have become a “we do that too” service for many companies in San Diego.  Unfortunately “we do that too” doesn’t mean “we do it well”, just “we do it too”.

In 2002, USA JETTING Drain Pros, Inc. became a dealer for RootX.  This is a non-systemic root killing chemical, used to control root growth in drain and sewer lines.  It is not copper sulfate, which most people who use root killer are used to.  Non-systemic means it won’t kill the tree, it just kills the last couple feet of roots.  When introduced properly into drain lines, RootX is an effective root control method.

In 2003, USA JETTING Drain Pros, Inc. acquired the latest in smoke testing equipment.  Smoke testing is used to find the cause and source of sewer gas odors, in and around structures.  This equipment is still somewhat unknown by most consumers, as well as professionals alike.

In January 2019, USA JETTING Drain Pros, Inc. celebrated its 25th year in business, here in San Diego County

USA JETTING Drain Pros, Inc. is a technically driven, and not sales-driven company.  We are the ones to turn to for your maintenance and problem-solving needs.

Our customers are homeowners, renters, plumbers, contractors, schools, restaurants, hotels, shopping centers, apartment complexes, stores, universities, movie theaters, manufacturing, office complexes, hospitals, dairies, farms, realtors, cities, counties, state, and federal government installations, H.O.A.’s, property management, and everything else.

From airports to zebra enclosures, we clean and diagnose them all.
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